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Mint-flavored potato chips are a popular snack in what country?
India. In the US, the favorite flavored potato chips are "sour cream and onion" and "barbecue."
What holiday do foodies observe on April 22?
National Jelly Bean Day. And remember that jelly beans were the favorite candy of Ronald Reagan, who used them to help him stop smoking.
What fruit is the Official State Fruit of both Kentucky and Alabama?
It takes how many pounds of whole milk to get one pound of butter?
21 pounds
A Polish immigrant cheese maker, who arrived in the US in 1912, founded what company now nationally-known for what other product?
Vlasic Pickles
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2015 “Sophie Altman Coach of the Year Award”

To honor the memory of It's Academic's creator and long-time producer, Sophie Altman, Giant Food is presenting the 2015 “Sophie Altman Coach of the Year Award.” This Award is intended as a tribute to all It's Academic coaches for whom Sophie Altman had so much respect.

To nominate your school’s It's Academic coach, just send us an e-mail telling us why you would like to honor your coach. Length is optional, and coaches may be nominated by individuals or by groups, as long as those making the nominations are members of the school community.

The email address for award nominations is itsacademicaward@aol.com.

  • Deadline for nominations is April 10, 2015.

The winner will be announced on the Championship show in June.

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